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Why we are the first choice of our clients

Why Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD  are the first choice of our clients

over other Cell phone Repair Parts Distributors?

Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD is the Largest online Distributor of Cell Phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop  Repair Parts in Australia.

We Supply Small to Large Businesses in the Australia and new Zealand and all around the world.

We are the industry leader in Parts Distribution, and we innovate by controlling ,There is no compromise with the quality of the product,

all parts are quality tested before shipping. the quality above industry standards and have aggressive pricing. We are providing Cell Phone Parts.

Macbook  Replacement Parts, Microsoft Laptop Parts and all popular brand's mobile parts and components at wholesale prices.

Our aim is to offer the best quality parts at the best price to our customers and fulfil  their requirements.




Benefits to Buying From Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD

  •              We fully test our LCD screens and parts for quality assurance.
  •              We offer a Warranty on all our LCD Screens and parts.
  •              We help our customers to recycle their LCD Screens, lowering the cost of repair for your business.

                        Know more please click her




About Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD, Australia

Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD provide the highest quality product at the best value to customers. Here, you can Buy Wholesale Mobile Phone

Replacement PartsiPhone Parts, iPad, Tablet  Parts, and Cell Phone Accessories in one place at an affordable price.

Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD is a dedicated supplier of Replacement Parts for iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Google Pixel, Oneplus, and

more, Factory direct prices for maximum savings.

We are always trying to provide the Latest and upgraded Replacement Parts to our valuable customers,Enjoy Online buying with our professional sales

system and excellent customer service.

As an industry leader in Mobile Phone Parts distribution in Australia, Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD, Australia

innovate by controlling above industry standards and having aggressive pricing. Focused on distributing iphone Parts,

ipad,tablet  Parts, Mobile Parts, Cell Phone Repair Tools since 2009.



Buying Phone Parts From Wholesale Supplier Brings Trust And Quality.

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Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD.
Wholesale B2B Mobile Phone Parts Supplier
How to Choose Best Quality LG Phone Parts

Top 5 LG Parts You Can Buy.

LG parts can be bought at an affordable rate.

LG has been one of the leading brands in electronics for more than 70 years and has dominated the market with innovative ideas and new technologies in smartphones .smartphones tend to wear out and need replacement or repair after some time. At, you’ll get LG parts for your phone along with accessories at an best price.

 is an online store in Australia  that serves its customers with quality products and is the best source to buy LG parts in Australia


Top 5 LG Parts

1.Replacement LCD Display Touch Screen

You are in the right place for a mobile phone LCD screen. One of the most sensitive parts of a phone can be a Display touch screen. People use protectors, front covers, and even glass coating to protect the LCD. However, in most cases, the LCD gets cracked due to the phone falling on the floor, or even a little weight can make patterns on your screen.


Exactly why at  you can find LCD Display Touch Screen replacement for a majority of LG smartphones.



2.Replacement Battery

One of the main issues that come with smartphones is the battery problem. Excessive temperature or power fluctuations cause permanent battery faults and results in a reduction of battery life. For users who have smartphones with replaceable batteries, we must say ‘replacement batteries is a life saver’.


 You can find LG phone batteries in Australia. at Not only are these batteries original but also checked by our experts.


3.Replacement Front/Rear Camera

Cameras are the main element that attracts many customers and can be the main factor when buying a smartphone. However, the phone’s camera quality gets degraded as new android versions and other software updates are released. This is common in almost all smartphones, including LG smartphones.People tend to search for solutions to this problem, but the ultimate solution is to replace your front/ rear camera to restore your camera’s quality.



We understand this and ensure our customers get the best camera with high-end quality. You can find replacement cameras for most LG smartphones models


4.Replacement Charging Port

Among the long list of LG parts we carry, you’ll find replacement parts that are rarely available in the local market. A charging port for LG smartphone is one of those LG parts in Australia that can be really hard to find in local stores. However, at  



we make sure that there is a good chance that you will find every replacement part you need. You’ll find charging ports for LG G’s, V’s, K’s, and ThinQ available at an affordable price.


 5.LG SIM Card Connector Replacement Part

The primary use of a phone is to connect users separated by distance via calls or messages. This is achieved by a SIM. However, often SIM card connectors can be damaged due to software error or physical accident. This results in users unable to call or message.



Exactly why the SIM card connector is one of the most important parts that are available at can find a variety of LG SIM card holder tray for your smartphone that would solve your SIM problem as well as help you connect with your loved ones.




The Verdict–Final Words

 In this blog post, we have listed down the 5 main parts you can find at However, that does not mean you can’t find any other part you have been looking for.

we offers replacement parts ranged from

volume buttons,

Camera Glass Lens Glass,

Battery Back Cover,

Ear Speaker Flex,

Antena flex,

Vibrator Assembly,

Loud Speaker to  batteries in Australia.





Buying Phone Parts From A Reliable Wholesale Supplier Brings Trust And Quality.

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Repair Damaged & Cracked iPad Screen of iPad Mini, Air, and the Pro versions


How to Repair Damaged or Cracked iPad Screen?


First released in 2010, it’s no wonder that the iPad is proud to revolutionize the mobile device market. Not just it made it easier to watch videos, browse the web pages, play games with a perfectly sized display, right


ipad blog


Accidents happen and they lead to a damaged/cracked screen —really ruin your day. What will you do to fix your iPad if an unintentional accident happens to you? Well, it’s the worst feeling, but it’s not disastrous. You have options.

Read below to learn more about it.


Apple’s 1 year warranty coverage doesn’t cover your accidental damage, it means unless your iPad’s screen got damage due to defective glass (and has no sign of fall), get ready to bear hefty expenses.


Here’s everything you need to learn about replacement screen for iPad mini.


1. Have Apple Fix It

Your first priority must be getting your screen replaces by Apple because it will cost you less––if you have AppleCare that covers two accidentals incidents for a service fee much more. However, there are other terms and conditions which you should read on the Apple’s website.


2. Have a Third-Party Fix It

Did you know? Choosing a non-Apple repair shop (i.e., third-party service providers) will void your warranty.

But if your warranty has expired or you’re out of it anyway, many third-party Apple repair service shops can fix your iPad’s damaged or cracked screen.


While searching for a trusted and reputable repair shop, do ask yourself a few questions before handing over your expensive iPad to them:


How much will iPad mini screen replacement cost?

How long will it take to repair/replace?

What type of warranty will they offer?

From where do they get Apple replacement parts?

These questions are important to ensure that the service center will stand behind their work and parts – after all, what you want is a crystal clear crack-free screen.


3. Buy iPad Repair Parts (Guaranteed)

Finding all parts for Apple iPad under the same roof is a bit challenging– but phone parts warehouse  have managed it very well. we carry iPad repair parts ((first generation to the latest) such as the Mini, Air, and the Pro versions.


All Parts are Tried and Tested: Before you buy iPad replacement screen,


Guaranteed Parts

With so many options available in a single generation of iPad, it isn’t easy to analyze what part you need. Therefore, phone parts warehouse  have created an absolute exchange guarantee, in can you need to exchange any part that you’ve wrongly purchased.


Moreover, we provide a defective parts warranty, so you don’t get stuck with the wrong purchase.




The Verdict–Final Words

If you’re looking for a replacement screen for iPad, search online phone parts warehouse, we providers of a replacement screen for iPad to get back your expensive gadget to 100% performance. Not just we have screen repair parts available but everything from iPad Mini battery to speakers and adhesive accessories you need are available here, buy online from phone parts





Buying Phone Parts From A Reliable Wholesale Supplier Brings Trust And Quality.

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Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD.
Wholesale B2B Mobile Phone Parts Supplier

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Ship Within 1 Business Day in Australia

Orders For Parts From Our Australia's Warehouse Inventory, Order Received Before 3:00pm Aest

(Monday - Friday) Will Be Shipped The Same Day, Otherwise Orders Will Be Shipped The Following Business Day.)

 Delivery Next Business Day    (Ship By Star Track Premium Express)


Shipping Option

1. Free Shipping :                             (Only On Or Above Order Of AU$195) By Australia Post Regular

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7. Arrange Local Delivery* :             AU$ 10.00  Inc. Gst   (Monday To Sunday Anytime*)

8. Arrange Free Local Delivery* :     (Monday To Sunday Anytime*  Only On Or Above Order Of AU$200)




We Are Happy To Assist You. Please Contact  (Sales & Marketing Manager)

Phone Parts Warehouse  truely offers affordable prices on all shipping options.



 ●Shipping Cut Off 15:30 Aest For All Order.

 ●Parts Will Be Shipped From Our Aus Inventory.



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Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD.
Wholesale B2B Mobile Phone Parts Supplier
Best Place To Get iPhone Replacement Parts With Warranty

The Apple iPhone is one of the most elusive smartphones out there but like any other smartphone,

it is prone to damage and malfunctions. In fact, at times, your phone might stop working at once without

you noticing anything wrong. This can be caused because of a variety of reasons including damaged buttons,

faulty screen, or broken charging port leading to your phone becoming unusable. It is possible to get some parts

repaired as is but often times,  you need iPhone replacement parts to get your iPhone operational again.

blog ppwh




iPhone Replacement Parts in Australia

It is not possible to visit physical shops these days during the COVID-19 lockdown so the best source for getting

replacement parts is online. There are several online stores that offer repair parts for the iPhone, but it is important

that you choose the right one for your next repair. Here are some factors that you should consider before choosing

an online store to purchase your iPhone replacement parts from:



The purpose of choosing a non-official but reliable online store is to reduce the expenses of repairing so you should find

an online store such as Phone Parts Warehouse that offers replacement parts at very reasonable and affordable prices.


Availability of parts:

There are many parts in an iPhone that can need replacement including the screen, front glass, back glass, power buttons,

charging port, and fingerprint scanner. So the online store you choose should have the entire variety of iPhone parts available.


Warranty and services:

A good online store will provide you with 24/7 customer support to address all your queries and concerns – not just before

you order a part, but after you receive them as well. This includes a warranty for the replacement parts that

you buy and guidance where and as needed.


Final Words

When looking for an online store to purchase the parts, it is important that you consider the pricing, availability,

and warranty services of the platform.

Start buying iPhone  lcd sreen and replacement parts  in   yours need quality  like ORG,   ESR Premium,  Refurbished,

Aftermarket High Quality ,   HO3 ,  True Tone,   HX hard OLED ,  GX soft OLED ,    ORG Soft OLED  and replacement parts  on







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Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD.
Wholesale B2B Mobile Phone Parts Supplier


Get The Right Phone Parts From The Right Supplier


A Right Phone Parts & Accessories From Right Wholesale Supplier 



Well, It Happens Multiple Times That You Visit A Online Store When You Have The Option To Buy The Phone Parts Right From Your Shop At A Much Affordable Cost.

Yes, You Can Visit On Sites To Buy Premium Parts At Reasonable Rate.


Benefits Of Purchasing Online From  (Wholesale Mobile Parts And Accessories)




Normally, You Get Phone Accessories And Parts At A Much Cheaper Price As Compared To Retail Stores. The Reason Is That Online Stores Target A Greater Customer Base And Focus On Earning Profit Through High Volume Sales. To Sell In Higher Volumes The Online Stores Reduce The Prices And Offer Attractive Discounts.


Online Stores Connect With Multiple Phone Parts Sources Coming From All Across The Country Or Even Globally. It Means You Get To See A Wide Range Of Products Available In Stores Online.


Online Shopping Is Smart Shopping As You Can Shop Smarter By Comparing The Price Of Any Item With Other Stores Before You Decide To Buy.


Of Course, You Wouldn’t Want To Go Out For Buying Phone Parts And Accessories When You Have The Option To Get The Best Deals Online. With A Few Clicks, You Can Order Any Item From Through Online Stores Right From The Comfort Of Your Business.



As You Are Planning To Buy Genuine Phone Parts You Need To Ensure That You Get Quality Parts Only.Well, Phone Parts Warehouse Always Orders The Products From The Manufacturer Or Authorized Dealers. Phone Parts Warehouse Means The Sense Of Trust For Any Of Your Phone Parts & Accessories.


If You Are Planning To Purchase Wholesale Phone Parts Then You May Notice That Each Supplier Would Quote Different Prices. Some Of Them Might Take Advantage Of Customers So Just Stay Away From Such Suppliers. To Be On The Safer Side Check Out The Phone Parts Warehouse As They Offer Budget-Friendly Prices For All Genuine Mobile Phone Parts Like.


This Way, You Will Make A Good Profit From Repairing Business, And You Can Offer Your Clients Better Prices. Avoid Any Supplier That Offers Exhortative Prices.



Buying Phone Parts From A Reliable Wholesale Supplier Brings Trust And Quality.

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Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD.
Wholesale B2B Mobile Phone Parts Supplier


Avoiding Flex Cable Damage

Avoiding Flex Cable Damage

At some point most techs will experience the frustration that comes with a damaged flex cable. Tech Team is no different and has put together a guide on how to avoid flex cable damage.


Experiencing Flex cable damage?

With modern devices becoming thinner, so are the displays. This new advancement has led to thinner and more fragile flex cables. Whether you’re changing a display or removing for other repairs, proper installation and removal are a must. Damaging these cables could cost you in parts damaged, time, and headaches.


What are symptoms of damaged flex cables?

The most common sign of a damaged flex cable is the part not working or intermittently working. If moving the part around causes a change in function, then it is likely that the flex cable portion of it has become damage


How to avoid flex cable damage-

There are many ways to help avoid damaging flex cables. These are our tips for the most common ways to avoid damaging flex cables:


  • Avoid pulling or stretching flex cables
  • Avoid pinching flex cables when installing or sealing a device
  • Avoid using metal tools near the flex cables that can easily damage them
  • Ensure the cable is properly aligned and formed prior to full closing a device
  • Avoid having the flex cable get caught on adhesive, affecting its position
  • Use a spudger to help manipulate and position the flex cable inside of the device



What to do once flex cable damage is verified?

Due to their thin and complex nature, when a flex cable is damaged on a part, the part is rendered unusable and non-repairable. Avoiding the damage and preventing future flex cable damage is the only resolution in this case. If a part is returned to a supplier as “defective” with flex cable damage caused by install, the part will be classified as damaged and credit will not be given. Following the tips above will help in reducing the number of RMA parts that are deemed damaged.



Here are some examples of what a damage causing flex cable position and a safe flex cable position look like:




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Phone Parts Warehouse PTY LTD.
Wholesale B2B Mobile Phone Parts Supplier
GX Hard OLED & GX Soft AMOLED for iPhone

GX Hard OLED for iPhone X XS Screen Display Replacement

★ Black Outer Glass Touch Digitizer Panel + OLED Screen assembled.
★ No backlight ,Low power consumption
★ Assembly Thickness 1:1 ,same as original
★ 360°Full View Polarization, Sunlight Readability
★ Wide color temperature, High color saturation, Wide Gamut
★ The brightness is 600cd/㎡<±20cd>
★ Touch sensitivity 1 :1 ,original experience in 44 channels
★ 2.5D front glass, original Smoothness feeling
★ Electroplating 9H Elect front glass, Anti-dust and fingerprint oil
★ 9H front glass, T=0.82mm , same as original , more resistant to falling ,OLED not easy broken

GX Soft AMOLED for iPhone 11 pro /iPhone 11 pro max Screen Display Replacement

★ Black Outer Glass Touch Digitizer Panel + OLED Screen assembled.
★ No backlight ,Low power consumption
★ Assembly Thickness 1:1 ,same as original
★ 360°Full View Polarization, Sunlight Readability
★ Wide color temperature, High color saturation, Wide Gamut
★ The brightness is 580cd/㎡<±30cd/㎡>
★ Touch sensitivity 1 :1 ,original experience in 44 channels
★ 2.5D front glass, original Smoothness feeling
★ Electroplating 9H Elect front glass, Anti-dust and fingerprint oil
★ Flexible AMOLED can’t broken, Thickness =2pieces A4 paper

 All OLED / AMOLED for iPhone are available . Welcome to get purchage from

Difference Between the Popular Phone LCD Material :TFT, OLED, AMOLED

The Main Material of LCD
There are 3 kinds of LCD differs from material in market,including TFT ,OLED and AMOLED.

1. TFT

TFT is an abbreviation for Thin-Film Transistor.
The TFT deposits a thin film on the glass substrate as a channel region,and improves image quality through thin film transistor technology.
The TFT is configured with a semiconductor switching device for each pixel,and each pixel can be directly controlled by a dot pulse.
And because each node is relatively independent, continuous control is possible.The TFT can control each independent pixel on the screen,so that the screen information can be displayed with high speed,high brightness and high contrast.The reaction time of the general TFT is about 80 milliseconds, and the viewing angle can reach about 130 degrees. It is widely used in phone LCD. And the speed of the reaction when swiping is also remarkable. It is the cheapest comparing with OLED and AMOLED. But it spends more power of electricity.


OLED is an abbreviation for Organic Light-Emitting Diode.Unlike the aforementioned TFT, OLEDs do not require backlight support.
It is with self-illumination, and owns the advantages of wide viewing angle,high contrast, low power consumption, high reaction rate, full color,
and simple process. The advantage of OLED is that its contrast and color reproduction are also better than ordinary TFT screens and very power efficient.
However, due to the popularity of AMOLED and Super AMOLED, OLED screens are fading out.


AMOLED is a shorthand for the active matrix organic light-emitting diode. The biggest feature of the AMOLED screen is that it has self-luminous characteristics. Each pixel can emit light by itself. At the same time, the AMOLED also has a wide viewing angle and high contrast due to the elimination of the backlight. It is a kind of screen material derived from OLED. Characteristics : fast response, high contrast,wide viewing angle, excellent touch performance etc. And it is also very energy efficient.It is much expensive than other two ordinary screen.

Generally speaking , each material is with its advantage.TFT is with the most affordable price ,OLED is with good quality as well as cheap price and AMOLED is with the best quality.Choose your ideal LCDs according to the material. All LCDs are available for us.
Welcome to get details from

Auto Pricing System



Dear Customers,

Let’s face it, 98% of the phone parts are constantly dropping in price all the time. So how do you as a retailer know your getting the best price from your supplier? Generally the concept has always been whether us or our competitors, they would search and see their competitors pricing, and base their selling price off that. But the problem comes in, is how do you keep up with being the most aggressive and competitive when there’s 4K SKUs. Pricing changes daily in Asia markets. How do you as a retailer know pricing has dropped and your getting the best price possible all the time. This is why we have introduced real time pricing. Pricing will automatically drop as Asia markets drops in price


Let’s puts this into perspective and give you an example. there an LCD selling at $42.10. However, next week in the Asia markets its selling for $35.10. 48 hours later, it will be on our site for $7 lower automatically. This algorithm and system was built for the retailers and giving them a piece of mind knowing that pricing with quality will always be the most aggressive as possible. No longer should you have to worry about products being sold to you higher than it should be.

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