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Ship Within 1 Business Day in Australia (Delivery Next Business Day)

Ship Within 1 Business Day in Australia

Orders For Parts From Our Australia's Warehouse Inventory, Order Received Before 3:00pm Aest

(Monday - Friday) Will Be Shipped The Same Day, Otherwise Orders Will Be Shipped The Following Business Day.)


Best Place To Get iPhone Replacement Parts With Warranty

The Apple iPhone is one of the most elusive smartphones out there but like any other smartphone,

it is prone to damage and malfunctions. In fact, at times, your phone might stop working at once without

you noticing anything wrong. This can be cause...

Get The Right Phone Parts From The Right Supplier

A Right Phone Parts & Accessories From Right Wholesale Supplier 

Well, It Happens Multiple Times That You Visit A Online Store When You Have The Option To Buy The Phone Parts Right From Your Shop At A Much Affordable Cost.

Yes, You Can...

Avoiding Flex Cable Damage

Avoiding Flex Cable Damage

At some point most techs will experience the frustration that comes with a damaged flex cable. Tech Team is no different and has put together a guide on how to avoid flex cable damage.


Experiencing Flex cable damage?


GX Hard OLED & GX Soft AMOLED for iPhone

GX Hard OLED for iPhone X XS Screen Display Replacement

★ Black Outer Glass Touch Digitizer Panel + OLED Screen assembled.
★ No backlight ,Low power consumption
★ Assembly Thickness 1:1 ,same as original
★ 360°Full View Polarization, Sunlight Readabili...

Difference Between the Popular Phone LCD Material :TFT, OLED, AMOLED

The Main Material of LCD
There are 3 kinds of LCD differs from material in market,including TFT ,OLED and AMOLED.

1. TFT

TFT is an abbreviation for Thin-Film Transistor.
The TFT deposits a thin film on the glass substrate as a channel region,and imp...

Auto Pricing System



Dear Customers,

Let’s face it, 98% of the phone parts are constantly dropping in price all the time. So how do you as a retailer know your getting the best price from your supplier? Generally the concept has always be...

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iPhone Aftermarket LCD Update

The Same Number Of You Have Heard, Pricing Will Be Increasing Soon For Aftermarket Lcds And We Want To Inform You In The Best Of Our Abilities To Stock Up Before The Price Increase. Kindly Look Below For Some Of The Questions You May Have.



iPhone LCD Quality Breakdown Guide


Dear Customers,

There are many different types of display available for iPhone. But LCD Display is the most popular in the iPhone. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD refers to the array of liquid crystals illuminated by a backli...

selling back cracked screens

Do you need to keep the home button, heat shield, and camera attached when I send them back?

We, nor our competitors to our knowledge care if the heat shield, home button and camera pre-installed onto the LCD and generally out of courtesy should let...